Investment In DAPL:


ING is a Dutch multinational bank. In 2012 Forbes named ING the world's largest banking/financial services and insurance conglomerate.

The pipeline will cost $3.8 billion, and $3.75 billion of that budget is on credit, loaned or invested by financial institutions. And the consumer banks lending the money are using a portion of the money you have saved with them.

If you have an account with this bank, that means your money is funding the pipeline. According to ING's statement, they have loaned under half the contracted amount already and are withholding the remaining funds until all permitting requirements are met. This has, in effect, halted ING's current financing of the pipeline.

ING claims to be unable to withdraw from the loan, but banks are able to sell their contracts, thereby divesting themselves from dangerous, unethical projects like this one.

Tell ING you won't allow your money to be used this way.