Investment In DAPL:


Citibank is the consumer division of the multinational Citigroup. Citibank currently holds the largest share in the Dakota Access Pipeline and laid the groundwork for other financial institutions to join in.

In Citibank's woefully inadequate statement, they claim to be "closely monitoring developments," to be "concerned about the situation" and "have remained engaged" to "discuss (their concerns) and advocate for constructive dialogue." While they "review various matters," "evaluat(e) policies and procedures," "review and consider all of the recommendations," and "closely follow the outcomes of" consultations, protectors on the gorund are being violently harassed, and their water sources are being put at grave risk.

Citibank claims a "commitment to sustainability and respect for human rights," but a real commitment demands divestment from this dangerous project that is destroying both.

Twelve activists were arrested at a protest in San Francisco, and in a similar protest outside NYC's biggest branch, Gloria Steinem called Citibank the "lead bank" investing in the destructive project.

Of the protest, 82-year old Steinem said, “I can tell you as an old person that many bigger things than this have started smaller than this. Everything we do matters. Everything.”