The Seeding Sovereignty Project, born at Standing Rock to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline, empowers the Indigenous youth movement for an environmentally just future everywhere. 

The Seeding Sovereignty Project is launching the "Own It" Campaign:

  • Water is scarce
  • Money is scarce
  • Climate change is real and time is running out.

If you care about the planet you have to ask yourself:

What do you stand for?

Who do you stand with?

The Own It Campaign empowers young people everywhere to use their green capital to drive the change from fossil fuel to clean energy. 

We make the connection between money energy and dirty vs clean energy by asking:

  • Where to you put your hard earned money?
  • Where do you get your student loans?
  • Who finances you car loans, debit and credit cards and home mortgages?

Empower yourself to take a stand with your money. 

Starting with the Dakota Access Pipeline, let's #starvethesnake by making the switch to clean energy banks.

People who care about planet and people have a tool to put their money to work!

Own where it's been. Own where it's going. Divest to invest in your own future now.